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Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Thursday, November 12, 2015

Children's Day Mussurepe

We had a wonderful time in Mussurepe, where over 100 children came to celebrate!
Grandma Isabel reached out to her family and this community to bring them together for the children. It was wonderful to see everyone and to hear about God's love.

Saturday, September 26, 2015

Prayer Meetings and English Classes

We had a wonderful church service in August, but then had to wait until the middle of September to continue to minister, as the rains made the road nearly impassable. This semester, Grandma Isabel is continuing her Tuesday afternoon prayer meetings.
Caid, Rachel, and Ana Sofia are joining them for the prayer meeting, and also offering an English class for the kids who didn't get to be a part of the program last semester. 

(A small ramble from Rachel)
Every time I go to Mussurepe I am reminded that more is not always better: more stuff, more technology, more information. It is so simple, so peaceful here at the farm down the dirt road. No internet, computers--no running water most of the time. 
Fruit trees, drinking fresh coconut water, singing old hymns translated into a new language but still with the same slow sway. Sharing a hymn book with the woman next to me and then realizing she isn't looking at it because she does not know how to read. But I keep it there just the same because I don't know how to deal with that.  I don't understand a life without reading, without so much of what is my life today. 
The women who come and pray and have Vovo Bel write their name down in her book and wait for her to ask each one "How are you?" I feel the anticipation rising as she gets closer to me. I know I want my name written in her book, I know I want her to ask me how I am, because I know she cares and she will pray for me. I know these women care. As they wash their laundry by hand and sweep their dirt floor, as I type on my computer and Skype with friends: we think about each other and how we will see each other again next Tuesday .

Friday, June 5, 2015

Mother's Day Celebration

We had a wonderful church service and Mother's day celebration in Mussurepe. Grandma Isabel has been meeting with the mothers on Tuesdays to pray for their families and children and community. Caid and Rachel have been teaching at the small public school in town, with volunteers from the International school.
It was a special time as one of the women in the community came forward and shared (everyone knew the story) how she had recently been released from the hospital where they had told her she was going to die from a poisonous snake bite. She was there to give glory to God.
(She is the one in the middle)
Two families came forward with children they wanted to dedicate to the Lord, and we all joined in prayer for them.
It is incredible to see this community grow! Please pray for the men of the community, who rarely participate, and are greatly missed at these services. 
We all sang, and Pastor Flavio preached, and then the children passed out chocolate roses to their mothers, and Grandma Isabel had special "lembrancas" (small gifts) for the mothers, and, as always, homemade cake for everyone.  

Caid's Vlog about teaching in Mussurepe:

Monday, April 27, 2015

Opportunities in Mussurepe

It seems like it has just been one thing after another, coming in the way of having regular meetings in Mussurepe.
Grandma Isabel had some serious medical issues and surgery earlier this year, pushing pause on the ministry that was done on her farm. Once she was feeling better, her mother had a serious fall, and she was busy taking care of her.
April 26th we had our first Sunday church meeting of the year, and everyone in the community was excited to meet Heloise, Pastor Flavio and Mercia's daughter. 
It was a sweet time of fellowship, and Grandma Isabel was excited to announce they would re-begin the weekly mother's prayer time next week as well. We are looking forward to our May Mother's day celebration next month! 
Last year, the public school in Mussurepe began meeting all day, ending our bi-weekly Living Stones program. The funding for that program ended this year, and so they have returned to the normal (for Brazil) half-day schedule. They have also welcomed Caid and Rachel Ferguson to teach English classes once a week. We are excited to see where this partnership will lead in the future, and are happy to continue ministering in this community once more. 

Saturday, April 18, 2015

Partnering with the School

The kids from Mussurepe were very excited to be a part of our Easter Celebration at Cajueiro Claro:
*Note: The painted rocks you see in the video were the "eggs" we hid for the Easter Egg hunt!
This year has been moving slow for the ministry in Mussurepe, as Grandma Isabel was sick for awhile, and then caring for her aging mother, who had some serious medical problems. Caid and Rachel were able to meet with the director of the public school, and she was very excited about a partnership with Living Stones at the school.
We came right before the school Easter celebration, which we were instantly made a part of (the director is the lady on the left). The public school (along with the Catholic church and the health clinic, make up the whole town "center) is preschool through 4th grade. After that they are bussed out to Paudalho schools. 
We are working with the director to put together once a week English (and perhaps music) classes at the school this semester. We are so excited to get more involved in this community!

Monday, December 29, 2014

Christmas Celebration and Year in Review: 2014

It is amazing to see God work in this beautiful community. They celebrated their annual Christmas church service (two years meeting as a church, many more years as a tradition Grandma Isabel began), where the whole community comes out and gives God thanks.
This is four years since Flavio first began to minister with Grandma Isabel (Christmas 2011 was when he first spoke to the community).
What a wonderful testament to God's working!